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Game Videos

Statistics says, that when players are watching their previous game, they make the next one almost 20% better! If you want your child to progress, watch the games, find mistakes, explain the errors, and improve yourself! Enjoy!

Game Photos

Often, we do not even realize how important it is for our small players to understand that we are proud of them. Just 1 professional photo in the living room will make your child believe that he is a real player! All guests will definitely notice and praise, ask about their successes and wish to move forward. It seems to be a trifle, but for a child it means a lot.


We will make a book-a-shoot system that will say if some camera-man will be shooting your game. If you see that noone is coming, you may book our team to come to shoot your game. There are no limits for photographers. Several photographers can shoot the same game because the more photos are available - the better ones we can choose!

Cooperate for shootings

You have a camera? You are shooting your games? Or probably you have a camera and some free time and you want to get some money? Join our team, and lets shoot together!


We will try our best, to find as many photographers and directors as possible, to make the postproduction clean and fast, to deliver the best content to you. We will implement some ratings so you will be able to participate and vote, and together we will create really good system, that everyone can use for players further grouth.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. We want to make this platform to be the best one.

How this cooperation Works?

1. Register as a producer on our system.
2. Get your account approved.
3. Select a game/games you will be shooting next time.
4. Shoot the game.
5. Upload your content to our system.
6. Our system will take care of payments, download access, taxes and payouts!
7. Start getting your sales!
8. See your statistics in realtime and get your money!
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